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logo greenwaveAs we should all know by now, energy saving is one of the main strategies for reconciling the needs of the environment with those of economic growth.

As always, Selco is determined to stay ahead of the competition, and has developed green@wave®, a new platform of welding power sources for technically advanced customers who share society’s concern for the environment and want to cut their welding energy costs too.

Green@wave® is the patented new welding technology from Selco that uses electrical energy in an intelligent way in order to reduce consumption. Selco’s green@wave® power sources are Genesis series machines and are easily recognisable from an adhesive label bearing the green@wave® logo on the cover.

Discover all the advantages of the green@wave technology

To illustrate in a complete and thorough all the great benefits of green@wave® Selco has developed a specific web site full of information and technical details.

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