Welding arc control

Arc shaping: perfect welding

GDS 4819

The welding quality and performance are largely determined by the quality and precision of the welding arc. The more the arc will be controlled and adjusted much more welding will respond to the mechanical, aesthetic and resistance requirements.

Selco knows the importance of this factor and has spent considerable time and resources along with all his experience in the field to develop the software and the hardware to have adequate control and management of the electric arc to a level of very high accuracy. These solutions are patented, tested and continually updated to give customers new opportunities to improve the production process and the ability to customize their welding on the specific application.

Among the key factors that led to these excellent results, there is definitely the high speed of the internal control system (clock) among the highest currently on the market.

GDS 1748

A world of welding functions to explore

Thanks to the patented technology for the control of the electric arc, many welding functions become possible, making the job easier and more dynamic.

The system also enables to use high number of welding programs adapted to the specific job and to the production orders










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