Böhler Arc

Let the Arc ignite!

GDS 4819

As a full-service provider of welding solutions, Böhler Welding combines welding processes, consumables and equipment in a harmonious, perfectly coordinated welding.

Whenever the "Böhler Arc" is ignited, welders benefit from a perfect arc with guaranteed reproducibility and precision, while saving time and material.

  • Perfect combination of Filler Material, Welding Process, Welding Equipment
  • All the parameters are made and tested to perform best welding results
  • Customization and upgrade is possible
  • Carbon Steel Welding Programs
  • Stainless Steel Welding Programs
  • Aluminium & Copper Welding Programs
  • Cladding Welding Programs.
GDS 1748


Benefit from the broad range of welding programs, perfectly aligned with Böhler Welding consumables and the most performing welding arc.










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