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Complete range of inverters for arc welding

icona prodotti tecnologie servizi


Welding Technology

The technologies for a better welding

icona prodotti automazione robotica


Automation & Robotics

Technologies and systems for automatic and robot welding lines

icona prodotti inverter


Welding Accessories

Everything needed for a modern and efficient welding.

We develop and produce electric arc welding power sources for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and other metals.

The range consists of over 100 models, covering all the principal welding processes (MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA) and plasma cutting.

In-house research facilities have developed superbly reliable and efficient welding systems incorporating innovative technical solutions, many of which are covered by international patents.

As regards welding technology for automatic and robot islands, we develop a range of all-new and highly innovative hardware and software solutions

We complete our product portfolio with technologies and services for improving the performance and quality of industrial welding processes.










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