TERRA NX: Gets the Job Done!

 CobotNewsWebMake your welding work reliable and easy to do with TERRA NX. It is specifically designed to realize excellent productivity thanks to high deposition rates and great reliability. Proprietary MIG/MAG welding processes guarantee excellent results for the metal fabrication, construction, shipyard and transport industries. Watch the video.


Welcome to Böhler Welding robotic world


Robot NewsWe are the ideal partner for companies manufacturing automatic and robotic industrial welding lines offering full welding solutions together. You can benefit from our long experience in industrial welding and filler metal production. It makes us different and ensures a perfect configuration set-up and technical support to satisfy the needs of advanced welding applications. To know more.


greenWave: the responsible choice in welding


CobotNewsWebThe greenWave technology is the Böhler Welding response to the growing demand for energy efficiency and care of the enviornment. greenWave is a patented technology complying to the more high-demanding standard and enabling an extremely energy-efficient operation with optimized power consumption. To know more.











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